1.Why would I need a Business Coach?


Your performance in everything you do can be improved! Simply because perfection doesn’t exist. So imagine how much more a business coach could help you produce within your business through accountability, companionship and introducing you to new ideas & paradigms? A coach acts as an un-reasonable friend who has a helicopter view of your business and won’t allow you to make any errors of judgement – it is often the difference between success and failure.

2.How does it work?


Initially we'll have a telephone conversation so we can establish if business coaching is for you. I only work with very carefully selected business owners and therefore business coaching isn’t for everybody and that’s OK. There are many different ways that I can help so it is important to establish which areas you feel that my help would benefit your business.

3.How much do I need to spend?


That depends whether you see it as a cost or as an investment? If you can see the return you will not see it as a cost at all! But allow us to answer the question anyway – our packages range from £100 – 1500 pcm depending what suits your situation the best. We like to be completely transparent throughout otherwise it is impossible to develop a professional relationship. So do ask if you have further questions

4. What is the guarantee that it will work out?


There is never a guarantee in life and I would be lying if I said there was an iron clad guarantee BUT I can guarantee you that within the first 17 weeks I will find my fee otherwise you will not have to pay another penny until I do. This will focus my attention very much on getting you those results! Incidentally this guarantee has yet to be invoked!

5. What are some success stories?


The results will speak for themselves, but take a look at our case studies and the videos on our website for specific examples of our real clients, with real businesses, getting real results. There are three fundamental reasons our approach will work for you in your business…
Firstly, I will coach you to become 100% focused on your goals and the step-by-step processes I'll show you to help you achieve them. This focus alone will have an extraordinary effect on both you and your business results.
Secondly, accountability to get the things done you’ve committed to, not just for the day-to-day running of your business, but for the dynamic growth your business will experience. You’re investing in your success and I'm going to help you achieve it.
Thirdly, I am going to teach you, on a one-on-one basis, as many of the hundreds of profit and business building strategies and approaches as you need. So, whether your goal is to be making more money, or working fewer hours, or both, your goals can become a reality, and all within the next 12 months. Again, just listen our videos and read the booklet to hear about the specific results other business owners just like you have achieved.

6. Why should I trust you?


You don’t have to! Find out for yourself by talking to me – it is the only way!

You’ll find even more of the most common questions answered in the ActionCOACH FAQ brochure.

You can download it here.