Tony had over 20 years of business experience when he realised that the business could actually run without him. So he took the decision to become a business coach. This allowed him to help other business achieve the same. Together with his wife Karen, they took the decision for her to run the business independently. Then Tony was able to pursue his passion to help other business owners live their best life!

Tony has a massive heart and is all about helping others.

A workman came around and did a fantastic job but couldn’t use email. He also saw a cleaner’s van hopefully parked on the road advertising their services. As a result Tony realised how the speed of change was affecting these businesses. And how success had little to do with quality but rather the adaptability of individuals and ultimately businesses.

Because of this, Tony adopted a #whynotme attitude and indeed said to these business owners why not you? Why should you not enjoy the same success as everyone else? So, he started working predominantly with female business owners because he found that having a vision and the desire to forge a great life outside of the business  was crucial.

He discovered that  thought processes would get in the way. For example, limiting beliefs would hinder or battered self esteem from the past got in the way. So #whynotme came about – helping those capable of excellence but perhaps lacking self-belief to understand that they could achieve great success in their business.

Tony is dedicated to caring for his clients and their growth:

“As a fellow business owner, I appreciate the challenges of being successful. You’re under pressure on a daily basis. You need clarity about your goal so you can steer your life and business in the right direction.

“From a personal perspective and I appreciate how hard this can be. I always reflect on Jim Rohn’s famous quote, ‘Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.’

Being better at who you are and what you do is at the core of my coaching methods. And it helps my clients achieve the success they deserve. It’s hard to be objective about ourselves and our own business, which is where a Business Growth Specialist comes in. Helping you to grow your business and coaching you in leadership and management skills.

If you can be better, your team will be better. If your team is better, your customers will be better. If your customers are better, your business will be better and you’ll reap the rewards you desire.

As an ActionCOACH, I’m passionate about working with business owners and their teams to gain the quality of life they deserve, by helping them along the journey of personal and business transformation.”

Tony’s mission as a Business Growth Specialist:

“I will act as a companion to the development, progress and ultimate success of your business. It will not be an easy process but you will always feel my presence and guiding words of encouragement, giving you clarity to help you deliver results. Combining this with the knowledge you hold about  your business and industry, and the systems developed by ActionCOACH to help 1,000s of other businesses, makes a compelling formula for success.

I’m here to teach you, be a sounding board, support you and hold you accountable to be your best at performing your role as the leader of your business.

All it takes on your part is a hunger to grow, a desire to learn, and a commitment to action.”

The first step is to make contact, reach out for the change you know you need and desire. A Business Coach can help you to;

  • Increase your turnover, margin and profits
  • Turn marketing into an investment rather than an expense
  • Recruit, motivate and retain a winning team of employees
  • Put systems in place that provide consistent results
  • Find more time for family, friends and other interests
  • Ultimately, have a business that can run without you

And Tony is absolute proof that this is possible.

You get direction, focus and an unreasonable friend.

Tony has one sole focus and that's helping your business succeed and he is living proof that you can have a business that works without you.

As such, he is determined to help business owners create a commercial enterprise that serves them.

You already know that life should so much more than working too many hours, not seeing your loved ones, fighting against a team that don't get you or struggling to make ends meet.

Surely it's time for all your hard work to lead to your dream?

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