The term “6 Steps” is ActionCOACH shorthand for “The 6 Steps to Building a Business” – a proven and progressive, step-by-step approach that helps clarify company objectives and produces consistent profits over time.
Six simple steps will expand out into a comprehensive program that will transform your business in to the business you really wanted.

1 – Mastery – Taking back Control

These are the very foundations of any successful business & until these are mastered it is counter-intuitive to focus on any other area of business.

Delivery is a fundamental because in today’s business world the level of delivery determines the level of income that you can generate! Being good is no longer good enough & therefore, you will spend time working out how to take your product or service to market in a world class, outstanding manner.

Finances are clearly another fundamental! You will learn how to create a deep understanding of how finances work in your business – unlike your accountant who gives you historical data you will have all the key information to hand, which allows you to control your business & create a predictable cash flow forecast. This allows you confidence in making key decisions moving forward!

Time – how many times have you heard or uttered the words ”I just don’t have the time?” How many hours do you work in your business? You will learn exactly how to master your time, strategies that make your teams time more efficient & just as important how you can make other people fit in with your time scales!

2 – Niche – Create your sustainable business

The engine & turbo of your business engine – Sales & Marketing! & as with your car without sales & marketing your business will go nowhere! When you have mastered step One & you have a clear reason for operating & understand what you can deliver, choosing your clients becomes so much easier.

3 – Leverage – Create World Class Systems in your business

When you have created a fundamentally sound business which is producing results & gets you to a certain level, it is time to consider how you get more from less. This involves using your knowledge & expertise to create more wealth by doing less!

4 – Team – Build your own winning team

In order to get to the next level you have to understand how to build a winning team – not just any old team but world class beaters – individuals who understand your vision &  mission, who understand that going the extra mile is standard & those who always offer more than less.

5 – Synergy – Ensure business harmony drives in one direction

Remember at the start of your business when everything ran like chaos? Well, now you will feel the purr of a well-tuned engine! All component parts understand what is expected of them & what their roles are within the team. This way you can take on the world of business with confidence and a purr of a well-oiled machine!

6 – Results – Build your increased, profitable results

This is the point where you have a business which gives you choice – the choice to go again, to put in a general manager or to start investing in other ways!


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Having already built his own business to the point where its able to work without him, Tony now works as a Business Coach, helping other business owners to do the same in their business.

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