Setting out for Caergwrle without a sat nav or map is almost as dumb as hoping to get to your destination in business without a written detailed plan!


There is a village near to Caergwrle called Hope & those who live there know the phrase that you live in Caergwrle & die in Hope!

How appropriate to the topic of today! Endlessly I hear that ‘it’s all in my head’’ or worse still ‘’let’s see where it takes us’’ or ‘’ you don’t know what’s going to happen so what’s the point!!!’’

Apart from being scientifically proven that a written detailed plan is more likely to succeed than not, apart from the fact that because of the only certainty being the uncertainty & hence having a plan serves its purpose to the best degree, having a written plan acts as a compass to your dreams

And if you don’t take your dreams seriously then how are they ever going to happen?

Pause for dramatic effect!


Not planning means that you are acting reactively and not proactively & therefore events are moulding your action rather that intent. It means that you have no destination & therefore if you have no destination then there is no direction.

As Alice said to The Cheshire Cat ‘’If you don’t know where you are going then which path you take matters little!!’’

The best advice, I have received, derives from Stephen Covey; namely ‘’start with the end in mind & work backwards’’

So if you want your goals to come true then be sure to create a detailed written plan – not a plan to serve the banks or others but one that serves you & your dreams, one that inspires you & reminds you of why you are doing this & what you want from it before time evaporates.


There are two kinds of directions that make your goals more likely to achieve – both requiring slightly different mindsets & skills. Most have one or the other but it is also possible to become skilled in both once you are aware of the thinking required.

The downward arrow is the aspirational direction which sees the bigger picture in real detail & should be our inspiration, our bigger goals and include our dreams. You really shouldn’t hold back with this vision because often we only get one shot at creating the big picture!

The upward arrow is all about the execution – the daily grind and steps needed to make progress towards that bigger goal. If we are not adept at executing these tiny steps then our big vision remains a distance away.

To precede the following information, just a quick note about the time lengths. These are completely arbitrary & not fixed in stone at all. Indeed the speed of the progress is completely dictated by you, by circumstances & by events not in your control – of which we have to take into consideration when planning.

So the 10 year vision CAN happen sooner – If the 5 year vision is not met it does not mean that it will not happen & so on! Once you have a 5 year plan then create milestones for each step of the way. 3 years 12 months & then break down the 12 months into 4 quarters.

The 4 quarters can then become much more focused & much more purposeful, notwithstanding the everyday ‘busyness’ of our lives!


The 90 days is then split into four goals – one of which should always be personal – (what is the point of business goals which don’t include our personal desires?) & three business goals one of which should be a MUST achieve. You will know which areas need improving because they will be giving you the biggest causes for concern! Generally our weak areas are the areas to focus on.

But even if we are smashing it  – every area can & should be improved to follow the Japanese concept of kaizen or constant improvement!

Of course we mustn’t forget that the act of planning itself is a useful exercise(actually many believe it is more important than the plan itself!) The time taken to step away from the business, to reflect & to consider our direction is something that many rarely get the opportunity to do.

The other part of the jigsaw that we must be aware of is accountability. Are you strong enough to hold yourself accountable to your dreams? Be brutally honest! Or do you find it easier to procrastinate? No-body will know… will care & then it’s too late!


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