The very first step was to create a relationship – if I was to bring about any change of significance it was important that the owner, had complete trust & faith in me. Confidence comes from knowing that you are right and have a well and trusted process to follow.
”Can we get on?” The process can only work with a resounding ‘yes’!
Can you reach your destination quicker with or without me? Well first of all we need to know what the destination is! You would be amazed just how many are unclear or equipped with just a vague notion of where they want the business to go!
As Alice said to the Cheshire Cat after he asked which route he should take ”that depends on where you want to go & if you don’t know it matters little”
Let’s tease out what it is you want from your business, what personal goals you have ( the money only has one place it can come from!!!) Once you are clear – yes of course we all know that nothing is certain but we really do need to at least know the direction we are heading! And then at least we can keep checking in & re-dressing.
Then we started looking at the transactional parts of business – are you being efficient with your time, is your team being efficient? Is the delivery of your service, product as good as it could be? How often do you stay in touch with your clients? Do you have raving fans & do you exploit them?
Then we tackle the finances & make sure that you understand the vital numbers & how to control figures.
Generally the sales & marketing is the BIG gap & I really love to get this working because it is the biggest turnkey of the business & brings really epic results if executed well. This work is underpinned by regular exercise & effort of the mind…….WOW!
Let me tell you a secret………..THE most common problem that exists is …….drum roll suspense building…………YOURSELF! OMG keep working on stroking that positivity, resisting those old messages that your past has instilled into you & you will make progress!