The 3 M’s of Marketing – Market, Message, Medium!

When you’re thinking about creating a marketing campaign, you should always refer to the 3 M’s. It’s a great way to clarify why and how you’re doing it! In short, follow the 3 M’s and you stand a much higher chance of reaching your target market and in a cost-effective way!

With so many marketing channels available to us now, gone are the days where a potential customer would look up a service on one page and reach straight out to them. And this makes getting the 3 Ms right even more vital!

Let’s imagine you decided to hire a light aircraft, fill it with leaflets and tell the pilot to drop the lot over the nearest town!

Of course, taking this approach could be classed as marketing. It could also be a sure-fire way to burn through your marketing budget with nothing to show for it!

Let’s start to apply the 3 Ms…

Change the nearest town, to a small town in Lancashire! The pilot sets his compass and immediately hones in on your location! Target set, market known!

You want to appeal to all female business owners over a certain age; using the AIDA principle the message develops into ‘ YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!’. You also add a picture of the correct aged female. The flier goes on to speak about more specific challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and provides information on how to overcome them. Message created!

Now you’ve defined your market and message you’ll probably realise that hiring a light aircraft and printing thousands of leaflets maybe isn’t the best medium for your campaign. Maybe seeking out Women’s Business Networks in Lancashire would be a more effective medium?

Applying this process to each of your marketing campaigns, will save you thousands in wasted marketing budget. And you’ll also stand a far better chance of success!

This brief article is intended to help business owners like you, to improve in the areas where you might not be an expert. You are always welcome to book in a session to discuss in further detail!

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