As we absorb the news that the third full lockdown in less than twelve months has just been announced, the instinct can be to sit in a corner and despair. And that’s an understandable first response, given that millions of people worldwide are struggling to make ends meet with some wondering where the next meal will come from. Businesses are closing all around us and 1000s are being made redundant.

And yet, as always, there is light at the end of the tunnel….it is there can you see it? There, just in the distance…so don’t despair!

Yes it will be tough to re-start our lives and businesses, the economy has taken a huge hit but we will be free from the most devastating effects of virus and free to re-start our lives!

Now is the time for reflection, time for preparation and time to plan! Does it sound daft to advocate planning in this environment? Does it sound counter-intuitive or does it sound like the saving grace, the spark that we hold onto in the knowledge that we can hit the ground running?

Reflections on the first lockdown reveal that those who fell into a slumber, who switched off and didn’t prepare for the future are already gone. This time it is different…this time there is a vaccine and our lives can re-start, irrespective of the rights, wrongs, whys and wherefores!

Have you ever been so glad at the thought of boring normality? (whatever normal means!)  

If you’ve noticed, the big airlines and holiday companies are already advertising heavily? They certainly don’t have the funds to do so but they do have a profitable business – a business which will allow them to recoup their losses of the last 12 months! And they’re doing so because they see the end in sight.

So, should you also be thinking – prepare, plan and start being world class…in your thinking, in your actions and in your planning?

We have a real opportunity for different thinking for better actions and for world class results.

To have a chat about how you can prepare your business book a complimentary session with me. I will give you all the information you need to understand how to move forward in your business and how to make it work for you, what you do with that information is up to you.