80 Ways to generate leads & counting!


Having a good imagination is crucial in business but there is always market research’! i.e. seeing what everyone else is doing & picking the best! There is no such thing as an original idea. There is always more than one way of catching the monkey and the value of a client sometimes dictates that the fun is in the chase – unless they come hands in the air pleading to be sold to!


The modern world has led to more and more competition in acquiring clients which can only be a good thing. It gives you the opportunity to show your value which should lead to the prospect wanting to work with you as opposed to a rival who cannot demonstrate their value. There are some that literally offer their whole portfolio

– it is so compelling that you would think there is then no need to buy. However, the very reason that we approach somebody is surely their expertise & the fact that we don’t want to do it ourselves.

E.g. telemarketing is a crucial part of selling but when you listen to someone who is an expert at this not only would you choose not to do it yourself but you also become compelled to hand it to the most competent.


There are some amazing marketeers out there with compelling ideas and even if budget does not allow you to engage learning how to approach a challenge in a different way can be the key to success!

If the number of leads is low then you put yourself & your business at risk, the scarcity mindset sets in and your belief that your business can function dwindles! You might not have gone into business to become a marketeer, but you probably didn’t go into business to deal with finances – unless you are in that field of course! You probably didn’t go into business to deal with customer service, but be sure of one thing, if you ignore mastering any one of those elements your business WILL suffer!


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5 Ways mini-series!

One more point important not to ignore – if you have found one successful way of generating leads, do you think it would make sense to increase that to two or three at least? Eggs and basket and all! As always happy to discuss!

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