Do you rely on e-mail to deliver your quotation?

Some accounting packages are very advanced nowadays. You can prepare a proposal for a prospect, deliver it to them in a timely fashion with terms and conditions and even get a signed returned acceptance, which is time saving, value adding feature that does your business so much good! Or does it?

When you have met a new client, do you think that the first thing they receive off you should be your invoice? Do you think it should be a cold accounting software statement of fact. Could you do better?

If you spend a lot on marketing as you need to in any business, wouldn’t it make sense to make the most of the process & to maximise your chances of getting new clients? If you have a high conversion rate then you must be doing things right, but in order to do that you have to be absolutely certain that you are getting maximum return from your spend.

Do you measure your results?

So you place an advert in a local publication – do you know the cost of the advert, the number of enquiries it generates, the lifetime value of the clientele it brings and whether by tweeking the advert these figures can be improved? To reach peak performance it is not merely training that a world class athlete practises, it is boundary pushing, detailed analysis of the step by step process & it certainly isn’t any different in business.

This is all common sense of course, isn’t it? How often to we ignore the things we know are necessary or work down to laziness or complacency or getting caught up in other things. The pursuit of success happens when we do the ordinary things in a consistent manner with discipline and dedication!

Highlighted because it is the nugget you should be gleaning from this blog! Take a half hour or more in contemplating every conversion tactic you have, drill deep down into the details of the process and watch the results improve!

Of course at the heart of process needs to be that new client – after all you’ve spent enough to acquire their interest, why not finish the job and impress them so much that they cannot fail to say yes! Half way to the bank isn’t quite the same as making a deposit!

If you would like to discuss this or any other aspect of converting leads – there are over 80 ideas I have to share with you –  do not hesitate to arrange a call! #letstalkaboutyou


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