This weeks post, as we come close to quarter 3 of the year, is all to do with planning! As I re-read 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness by the great Jim Rohn, it is well worthwhile starting off with his words

‘’ No-one ever got excited by planning to pay their everyday bills! If you are going to plan make sure that your plans are great scary ones, because imagine the person you become on the journey to them?’’

Now isn’t that interesting? Is the arrival or the journey that is important here? Well I guess you could say that without actually arriving, you can never tell. BUT – is this not more about the things you have to be in order to have?

By setting a greater goal, we have to understand that we have to become better individuals, we have to take on more skills. Magic isn’t going to happen by standing still, so an important lesson for all is to constantly invest in yourself. Expand your consciousness to become more aware and receive in order that you may give.

How does this come into play with reference to planning?

Well to start with you have to include development into your planning! Decide in which areas you need to improve & set aside time to do so. Then create goals which push you – if you want to progress you have to move forward!

My father always used to shout out in his beaming voice ‘Avanti figlio mio, solo Avanti!’’ Simply put forwards, forever forwards!

Great advice & as stuck with me forever, because you see we need to plan always to progress to improve.

Write it down! It is one of those strange rules that simply work! There have been studies on why this is the case but you could simply save yourself hours of research & just do it! Write them down in detail with costings & timings & somehow they become more real.

Don’t worry about the ‘HOW’ – again this is difficult to explain but if you have true belief and conviction in your goals, the ‘how’ will somehow reveal itself to you.

So in conclusion as we approach quarter three, spend some time today reviewing what goals you have achieved so far this year & set your goals for this quarter. Rejoice your wins & learn from your losses & then there is surely only one way to go – AVANTI!