Do you find the business community helpful and supportive?

Generic statements barely inspire me and for each one uttered an opposite can easily be found. The business community is no different to any other some will some won’t!

Help and support is however there. But when should you access it? & Why? & who should you trust & how do you know?

The very nature of being in business predisposes a certain character after all! You want to lead and decide not follow and be told. You are sufficiently gifted and knowledgeable in your chosen field so why would you need help?

The challenge for many is that being gifted in one commercial aspect does not guarantee success. In fact being an expert in a field is no guarantee! All that time becoming the expert includes in no way induction in how to run a business!

A very good colleague runs a HR business & is often astounded at how many businesses call her in to crisis manage. Do we not know in advance that employees will challenge us? That we need solid contracts & employee policies? Apparently not!

Or perhaps we think it will never happen to us. Or we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

How do you get your helicopter view of your business? Direct your strategies with skill or react as required? Interesting dilemma – it would seem that too many wait until the very brink…..can you afford to be so reckless with your livelihood?

Why not ask me about a Business Alignment session? It lays everything bare on the table & allows you to get a clear vision of your business and your strategy! OR book a call to discuss?