Business Mastery for SME’s not content with the ordinary!

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I am the advocate for small & medium sized businesses who aspire to accelerate their business to a well-oiled machine that gives them the rewards they have always hoped for but never attained!

You deserve:

Clients that pay you & on time – no more late paying, rubbish excuses, avoiding. IT HAS TO STOP!

Consistent, steady dependable marketing – without getting ripped off, without the constant ups & downs!

Predictable sales – no more chasing, begging, competing on price!

Know Your Numbers – no more abdicating or relying on a poor accountant!

Your BEST customer service – not shoddy delivery & chaotic systems

Clear direction – not losing all your energy & fun & enthusiasm!

The most engaged team members – as opposed to having individuals push against you!


If this sounds like you, you will be:

  • OPEN to trying new things
  • READY to invest in yourself
  • PREPARED to be patient & not expect a magic wand
  • UNDERSTAND that your ego has to be set aside so you don’t stop what needs to be done
  • TIRED of the same old excuses holding you back
  • DETERMINED to be successful



  • Avoiding the VAT date
  • Praying that a cheque comes in for payroll day!
  • Rushing around doing everything yourself!
  • Moaning about your staff!
  • Saying ‘No’ to loved ones
  • Making lame excuses
  • Believing that it will all come good
  • Procrastinating
  • Winging your marketing
  • Hating sales
  • Kidding yourself


  • Taking the VAT in your stride
  • Be ahead of the game with your finances
  • Learn to let go
  • Applauding & training your staff
  • Enjoying down time without feeling guilty
  • Taking action!
  • Making it come good!
  • Being decisive
  • Solving your lack of marketing knowledge
  • Loving onboarding new clients
  • Being confident