Telling you how to improve your business is not the same as actually helping you to do it.

Plans come before actions and actions come before results, and by using a professional coach you will improve your business performance in tangible, measurable ways.

That might be through better staff engagement, more available leisure time or crucially, more money. Whatever your metric, I understand that it’s the results that count.

I will coach you to achieve your business goals rather than simply talk about them, and I guarantee a genuine return on investment within 6 months.

You will learn how to progress your business from where you are now to where you want to be.

You will create a plan, launch it, and benefit from it – because if you don’t, it’s not the right plan.

So, if you think you could benefit from targeted coaching that helps you get actual results, please contact me today.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Get in touch



Let’s we if we are compatible

How value can be added to your business

& test your commitment



Let’s see where your business is currently

Strengths & weaknesses

& How we’re going to add value



Use our well proven systems to create a plan, to take action & get started towards your progress!

Every business reaches a cliff edge & needs to make a leap of faith! That's OK - it's normal!

If you don't take the leap ....
Frustration continues
working 60 hours + remains the norm
scratching around to pay your VAT & barely making payroll
hiring the wrong staff
confusion reigns
If you are tired of your business spinning you round in circles then set up a call now!

Make the leap of faith – on the other side you will!
  • always have a clear direction for your business
  • enjoy more time to plan & strategise
  • lead a great team pushing your business in the same direction
  • create a lead generation system that creates sales for fun
  • Have a life worth living

Take ACTION now – there is NEVER  a right time to take the leap

Our hearts break when we see business owners struggle & not make the leap!

At The Business Growth Companion we know that you want to be a successful business owner. In order to do that, you need to be an action taker.

The problem is doubt, life, the economy get in the way which makes you feel frustrated, anxious & wary!
We believe business means so much more.
We understand what a challenge it is to make the leap of faith which is why we set up our coaching programmes.
Here's how we do it 1. Set UP a Call 2. See where you currently are 3. create a plan to move forward!
So Set Up A Call & in the meantime we'll send you further information so you can stop feeling frustrated & instead enjoy a business which delivers!

We have been in your shoes, we know what it is like to just make ends meet, to barely make payroll, to take a hit every VAT bill!

Tony has another business that works without him because he took the leap so talks from experience not theory!

Take the leap – coaching helps you build the wooden path from one side to the other – except we prefer to make it a fully supportive bridge!

Your vision will get closer not further once you engage with Tony – work hard now to enjoy what you seek later.

Let's Talk About You!

You get direction, an un-reasonable friend & focus!

Tony has one sole focus & that's you! Tony is living proof that you can have a business that works without you!
Yet he is so driven to help others he has dedicated the final five years of his working life to help create up to 15 business owners who run a commercial enterprise that serves them.

You will have a clear picture already that life comprises so much more than working too many hours & not seeing your loved ones, fighting against a team that don't get you or struggling to make ends meet!
You know it is time for you for all of this hard work to lead to your dream!

Are you a suitable candidate for this bespoke, elite coaching?

Do you have a vision for your business & desire to reach it?

Can you commit to ACTION?

Are you prepared to put in the necessary work to reach your vision or is it just a pipe dream?



80% of businesses either struggle or are broke – is that you or do you want more?!

If you want to be part of the 20% who are rich, comfortable or enjoy a good lifestyle then you have to be ready to invest, ready for action and prepared for small incremental changes to get there!

Make the choice today – because business should be so much more! & if it isn’t it is up to you to change it!